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FO 21 | Owner Financing
  Not many real estate investors use owner financing as a strategy and that might be a mistake, or at the very least, a very big missed opportunity. In this conversation with Paul Lizell, Ben Fredricks of Noteworthy and Notetools.com gets into why he loves owner financing as a primary real estate investment strategy.  A former employee of Lehman Brothers before the economic collapse in 2008 talks about his transition to real estate owning rentals
FO 20 | Flipping Junkie
  Our paths are never linear in this life. Sometimes, we had to go through things again and decide whether to do it better or fall back. Danny Johnson, founder and CEO at Freedom Driven LLC, did the former, and now he is the owner of the software company, Flip Pilot, and the investor websites called Lead Propeller. In this episode, Danny sits down with host, Paul Lizell, to talk about his real estate investing journey that
  There is probably no better time to transition to virtual than now with the pandemic going on. However, for those who have done it long before, doing businesses virtually afforded what many couldn’t at a time where the hustle and bustle of a nine to five job was still the thing. For guest Chad Weeden of Fusion Real Estate Investment Group, being forced to transition his flipping business to a virtual model back in 2018 allowed
  In this time and age, we see a considerable flight from the cities to the suburbs and rural areas, where we start to see an increase in values in the suburbs and a decrease in values in the urban areas. What states will gain residents, and which states will lose residents? On the economic side, the Payroll Protection Plan has temporarily kept us afloat, but without another stimulus, this won’t last much longer. Companies
FO 17 | Private Money
  When you’re doing fix and flips, it can be a hassle dealing with the contractors, the plan, and the townships with all the permits and building codes you have to comply with, so much so that switching to the passive side makes sense. One real estate investor who did precisely just that is Dan Zitofsky. Dan has done everything from little flips and rentals to high-end flips, commercial deals, land deals, and multifamily deals. He
FO 16 | Buying Opportunities
  Times of crisis might make your work more difficult in the short-term, but in the aftermath, buying opportunities open up, so you have to be ready. For real estate investors, these big buying opportunities have to be taken advantage of because they’re the perfect moments to see how you can scale your business and become larger than you’ve ever been. Trey Franklin is a real estate investor working in the San Antonio, Texas market.
FO 15 | Flipping Lands
  Go beyond just flipping properties, flip some land as well! In this episode, Paul Lizell sits down with Jessey Kwong, the founder of REI Conversion, to talk about what land flipping is all about. Sharing his expertise around the area, Jessey discusses the advantages, disadvantages, and costs associated with land flipping. He goes over a few examples and some of the issues that go along with flipping land. Discussing the future of the industry, Jessey also
FO 14 | Coronavirus Market Disruption
  The COVID-19 pandemic has been wreaking havoc all over the world. During these uncertain times, we can’t help but feel uneasy about how it will continue to affect us. Addressing this elephant in the room, Paul Lizell talks about working around the new Coronavirus market disruption. He discusses what to expect and how best to navigate the current market both immediately and in the near future. What will happen in the markets? Will this