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  Are you new to real estate investing and you want to get off on the right foot? Then sit back and listen to Paul Lizell’s guest, Bailey Kramer. Bailey is a junior at the University of Central Florida who got into real estate after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad. He talks about learning the different asset classes in real estate investing and why he decided to start with single-family rentals fix-and-flips in Northern Illinois. He also
FO 31 | Virtual Assistants
  A lot of tasks are involved in real estate investing, such as cold calling and bookkeeping, and that’s why investors usually cannot find enough time on their hands just to finish them all. This is where virtual assistants come into play, helping to lighten the burden while keeping the revenue flowing. Robert Nickell sits down with Paul Lizell to discuss how struggling with his own time constraints inspired him to create Rocket Station, a company that trains
  One of the most underutilized methods for real estate investors out there is the owner financing model. Little do they know that it can be the source of their most profitable deals. Guiding you to take advantage of this is Nick Legamaro, the Chief Operating Officer of USANotePro. He joins host Paul Lizell to explain the amazing and often little known facts about doing owner financing. He also shows the big opportunities within it, how
  Lease option assignments or what a lot of people call wholesaling lease options is the sweet spot for real estate investors who don’t want the hassle of estimating repairs or negotiating with homeowners. The King of Lease Options, John Jackson, joins Paul Lizell on the show today to talk about lease options and what he loves about them. John started the real estate company called Leasing to Buy in 2003 and have done hundreds of
FO 28 | Power Of Probate
  The real estate industry is full of ups and downs, and it’s up to you as the investor to determine how to improve and take advantage of the failures. Paul Lizell sits down with Brett McCollum of MVP Group International to discuss how everyone can maximize the power of probate, which is still considered as the bread and butter of the industry. Brett also shares his takeaways about a particular transaction that went way out
FO 27 | PayPal Cryptocurrency
  PayPal will now allow customers to hold and trade cryptocurrencies on their popular platform Venmo. Having long thought that Venmo was the preparation for the introduction to mainstream cryptocurrency use and holding, now, it looks like it is beginning. According to JP Morgan Chase, Bitcoin and cryptos have skyrocketed after this news, and it looks like the sky is the limit. Paul Lizell gives you a view on this latest happening and shares what
FO 26 | Cryptocurrency Updates
  A CEO invested $375,000,000 into Bitcoin to offset inflation, and now there are talks of banks becoming holders of cryptos for their customers. In this episode, Paul Lizell gives us the lowdown on the latest happenings and an update on what is going on in the world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. Big movements are coming in the near future for this asset class, so tune in to this show to find out!  — Watch
FO 25 | New Real Estate Market
  How do you enter new real estate markets? Broadcasting from his hotel room in Casper, WY, after visiting a property he did a remote fix and flip on, Paul Lizell dives into some other potential properties to invest in, including multi-units and a self-storage facility. Break free from your limiting beliefs and think seriously about investing in markets outside your normal comfort zone. Join Paul to find out how.  — Watch the episode here