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FO 16 | Buying Opportunities
  Times of crisis might make your work more difficult in the short-term, but in the aftermath, buying opportunities open up, so you have to be ready. For real estate investors, these big buying opportunities have to be taken advantage of because they’re the perfect moments to see how you can scale your business and become larger than you’ve ever been. Trey Franklin is a real estate investor working in the San Antonio, Texas market.
FO 15 | Flipping Lands
  Go beyond just flipping properties, flip some land as well! In this episode, Paul Lizell sits down with Jessey Kwong, the founder of REI Conversion, to talk about what land flipping is all about. Sharing his expertise around the area, Jessey discusses the advantages, disadvantages, and costs associated with land flipping. He goes over a few examples and some of the issues that go along with flipping land. Discussing the future of the industry, Jessey also
FO 14 | Coronavirus Market Disruption
  The COVID-19 pandemic has been wreaking havoc all over the world. During these uncertain times, we can’t help but feel uneasy about how it will continue to affect us. Addressing this elephant in the room, Paul Lizell talks about working around the new Coronavirus market disruption. He discusses what to expect and how best to navigate the current market both immediately and in the near future. What will happen in the markets? Will this
FO 13 | Investing In Rural Arkansas
  While it is convenient to think about investing in urban areas where the people are, it still does not diminish how the grass can also be greener on the other side—that is, in rural areas. This episode’s guest testifies to that. Paul Lizell interviews Tyler Thompson, a military veteran turned full-time real estate investor. He lives in Bentonville, Arkansas, where he fixes and flips in two markets and owns several Airbnb properties. Tyler talks
FO 12 | Maximizing Deals
  The new year has just started and what better way to start your 2020 investing than the right way? Host Paul Lizell rides solo in this episode to give you a guide on what you should be looking forward to do in 2020 along with the objectives you should have. As the market is expected to fluctuate here and there, it is imperative that you have your backs covered in every situation. Compared to
FO 11 | Less Competitive MarketFO 11 | Less Competitive Market
  It is no secret that the real estate market is becoming more and more competitive by the day. For some of us who find ourselves in this frustrating situation, maybe a change in scenery could be the fix we need. In this episode, host Paul Lizell interviews real estate investor Stinson Bland. Stinson is making the bold move of leaving the hyper-competitive Dallas, TX market to add rentals and add a wholesaling business in
FO 10 | Investing In Virtual Markets
  Believe it or not, you too can generate cash flows from areas that do not have big up and down swings and have lower taxes. Today, Paul Lizell talks to DJ Thielen, the owner of Fortune Foreclosures, about his baseball career and his career pivot after the birth of his son who had a medical need. DJ talks about the mindset investors must have to be successful as well as investing in virtual markets
FO 9 | Real Estate Masterminds
  Being in a group can bring more business to you and help you with different issues that you’re having within your business, and vice versa. Today, Paul Lizell interviews Mike Hambright about his transition from corporate America to running his own real estate investing company. Mike hosts his own podcast, Flipnerd.com, and created a real estate mastermind group called Investor Fuel. He talks about the advantages of networking within the group and how it