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Hey, My Name is Paul Lizell & Welcome to My Podcast!
I'm sharing everything on my journey as I buy houses anywhere in the country!

Flipping Out

Take a voyage across the country as we buy and sell real estate virtually all over the United States! Virtual wholesaling couldn't be easier with today's technology. Join host Paul Lizell as he explains his transition from a single market fix and flip investor to a virtual wholesaler that is willing to buy anywhere in the country! We will cover virtual wholesaling, virtual rentals, owner financing to new construction. We will even dabble into the future of money, namely cryptocurrencies, and interviewing some of the biggest players in real estate to find out what lessons they have learned along the way and what made them successful.


Blog Episodes

FO 11 | Less Competitive MarketFO 11 | Less Competitive Market
  It is no secret that the real estate market is becoming more and more competitive by the day. For some of us who find ourselves in this frustrating situation, maybe a change in scenery could be the fix we need. In this episode, host Paul Lizell interviews real estate investor Stinson Bland. Stinson is making the bold move of leaving the hyper-competitive Dallas, TX market to add rentals and add a wholesaling business in
FO 10 | Investing In Virtual Markets
  Believe it or not, you too can generate cash flows from areas that do not have big up and down swings and have lower taxes. Today, Paul Lizell talks to DJ Thielen, the owner of Fortune Foreclosures, about his baseball career and his career pivot after the birth of his son who had a medical need. DJ talks about the mindset investors must have to be successful as well as investing in virtual markets
FO 9 | Real Estate Masterminds
  Being in a group can bring more business to you and help you with different issues that you’re having within your business, and vice versa. Today, Paul Lizell interviews Mike Hambright about his transition from corporate America to running his own real estate investing company. Mike hosts his own podcast, Flipnerd.com, and created a real estate mastermind group called Investor Fuel. He talks about the advantages of networking within the group and how it
FO 8 | No Money Down Investing
  No Money Down Investing is a valuable technique that ensures the safety of your investment in a market that has a tendency to be risky. Learn how to virtually invest from the comfort of your home with no money down! Eric Pittmann, a full-time Executive Coach at Vistage Worldwide, joins host Paul Lizell as they get into the mindset that investors need to have in order to be successful. Eric talks about creative financing
FO 7 | Owner Financing
  Discover the power of owner financing and how it can allow you to add monthly cash flow without the headaches of having to deal with a tenant. Learn how to turn $30,000 into a $69,900 note that you can collect over time or sell after 6-12 months of seasoning. Another powerful tool to have in your tool belt! We also talk about the Dodd-Frank Act and the underwriting process and costs to stay compliant,
FO 6 | Rental Properties
  In this episode, Paul Lizell talks about rental properties, starting on single-family rentals and the advantages and disadvantages of each. We then get into virtual property management and how to use a virtual assistant to manage your properties so you can keep everything in-house and manage it yourself with little effort. We also talk a little about Airbnb and the advantages that you have using that model. Lastly, we get into multi-family units and
FO 5 | State Of Real Estate
  In this episode, Paul Lizell gets down to the current conditions of the real estate market and what direction it is moving in. Are we at the peak of the market, the start of the decline, or are we going to continue to trend upward? What changes could affect the market? Will rates decrease or start to move up? If you are in real estate or a business owner, find out how can you
FO 4 | Virtual Wholesaling
  The virtual world has undeniably allowed multiple kinds of business to transpire online. In this episode, we explore one example of that: virtual wholesaling. Host, Paul Lizell, guides us to understanding what virtual wholesaling is and shares how he uses it expand in new markets. He then dives into detail on the process of buying and selling real estate in new markets and gives out proven strategies for disposition of properties in rural markets.