Terms Deals – A Battle-Tested Passive Income Generating Machine With Ron LeGrand

FO 23 | Terms Deals

FO 23 | Terms Deals


There is more than one way to get passive income in real estate and frankly, if you’re a well-rounded real estate entrepreneur, chances are you’re going to be dabbling with all of them. Veteran Florida investor Ron LeGrand has tried it all, but he got the most kick out of what he calls “terms deals” – a strategy that he has been developing for more than 30 years now. Aren’t you just curious about what it is? Clue: It’s all about selling pretty houses with little money and massive profit. And Ron has never had cause to doubt its passive income generating power after all these years. Join in as he talks more about this and more battle-tested entrepreneurial tips on the show with Paul Lizell.

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Terms Deals – A Battle-Tested Passive Income Generating Machine With Ron LeGrand

With me is a mentor of mine, Ron LeGrand. Everybody knows him. The original real estate investors and best. He’s still doing it at a higher level than anybody else. He’s adjusted through the years, done different things but never changed or waver too much. He had a lot of different tools in his tool belt. I’m going to introduce him here and have him give us his history. I want to give a reminder that this is a guy that doesn’t use necessarily one method. He does love the terms which is the best but he’s done all kinds of things throughout the years. Hed’s done commercials deals in the past. We come into a time where it’s important but we’ll get into those because I do want to hear a little bit about those as well. Let’s start with how you got started out in real estate investing.

First, I want to know what you mean by original. Does that mean I’m old?

You’re the pioneer. It’s a better word for you.

I got a sales letter on my wall that the students sent me selling a real estate course for $21 with $2 down and $1 a week written in 1901. I’m still not the original.

How and what made you get started?

I started in 1982 and what made me get started was hunger. I was running a service station and I worked 6 hours and 12 hours a day. I was a mechanic, manager, landlord, and son. I wasn’t making any money. One day, my wife told me she wanted a new washing machine. I blew up and went to bed mad. Frankly, that was a turning point for me because I made up my mind laying there awake all night. There was no way I’m going to keep living like this for the rest of my life.

I can’t even afford to buy my wife a washing machine after we’ve been married seventeen years. We celebrated our 55th in September 2020. I started looking and it took me a little while but I found real estate by accident. I went to my first seminar. I listened because of greed and need. I had my first deal within three weeks and it was a wholesale deal like you do. I only make $3,000 but that was a lot of money to me. That was 1982.

You can buy a lot of washing machines with that.

She has not needed $0.01.

In ‘82, you got your start and it was a wholesale deal, as you said. You realized it was transactional. You continue to do wholesale deals but did you learn terms deals at that point as well?

No. I did wholesale deals and then I started doing rehabs. I’ve done 1,000 wholesale and at least 1,000 rehabs over the years but I didn’t start doing terms 20 or 25 years later. I’m in my 39th year in 2020. I went all this time doing everything the hard way. I’d buy all the cheap stuff that I could buy. I could get my head around it, I renovate it, and I’d make some money more than I ever made in my previous life but nowhere near getting rich, make for a living that I earned. I had 276 tenants fall out after two years and 200 of them were Section 8 HUD tenants.

It’s the hardest one to deal with.

If you want to get trained to get a whole bunch of Section 8 HUD tenants, your life will be wonderful. It took me five years to get rent all that crap. I did it in the first two years. For five years I cleaned up my mess and know what this thing was all about and it’s all about cashflow. Not equity but cashflow because you’re not going to get through the wealth part if you don’t get the cashflow part fixed first, which you’re doing well at training folks on how to do that with wholesaling. I do it for terms deals which means pretty houses. I’m the opposite of you but in reality, we’re both in the same business. We have two different types of products and for any well-rounded real estate entrepreneur, we’ll be doing it all anyway. A few rehabs, wholesales, and terms deals. The only difference is who we target and how we target them in our exit strategy.

That is the truth. As you all know, the hardest one is rehab. The deal with the contractor. They wear the majority of investors out over a period of time if they continue to be involved on a day-to-day basis and don’t hand it off to a project manager. You need to put it off to a project manager because it’s difficult and it’s a process. It’s one that I don’t enjoy. I’d rather do the wholesaling because it’s a little bit cleaner and easier. The terms are the best deals. For us, they are our most profitable deals. They are a longer timeframe but you continue to get paid during that longer timeframe, which I love.

Other benefits as well.

No doubt about it. I’m a low risk in certain ways.

Some deals would be good for wholesaling as well as terms.

FO 23 | Terms Deals

Terms Deals: Wholesaling is the fastest way to make money in real estate. Terms are right behind it, but you also get to get other benefits.


Knowing which to do what with is the key. It’s the biggest key in there. What market is your first spot? Did you find Florida?

Jacksonville, Florida where I still live and still do it. Now, I’m working with students all over the country. We’ve got a lot of commercial deals going on, some land deals, and a little bit of everything but I still buy houses. I’m ramping up my team, crank it back up. I’m a little lazy this 2020. I got multiple businesses and everything is going on. I don’t have to have the real estate business to survive but I can’t put my back on it. It’s been too good to me. Frankly. It’s too easy. We are so systemized and automated. I don’t have anything to do. There’s little for me to personally do because I’ve learned the art of delegation and systemization. That’s what set me free. It only took me 28 years to figure that out, give or take. I’m a man. I have testosterone and the last thing I’m going to do is follow instructions. If it’s working correctly, it must be redone. That’s how men think so I’m no different.

We do get stuck with our ways there. The women, teachers, and systemization be better with that. The other organizers have a different process with that. I know you have a lot of women working on your team and they do good for you and then you help the guys out.

I do it for a job.

They take a lot of the onus off you and do all the heavy lifting. If you look at it, it’s funny. If you look at all these companies throughout the ‘50s, ‘60s, all the way through the ‘80s, ‘90s, I always felt the person that ran the organization was the secretary. They had their hands in everything and knew what was going on and kept control of everything. They have more power than the CEO.

Look who runs marriages.

That’s true. Let’s get back into your market, Jacksonville, which has evolved over the years. It’s always been a smaller market but it’s been increasing over the years and then hedge funds started to get in.

It’s not that small.

Not small but it was Miami, right?

No. Close to a million people in the ‘80s. We’re probably 1.5 million now.

Hedge funds have found your market.

They found any market. It’s not dying. That doesn’t bother me. I’m not a competitor for the hedge funds. You are more of a competitor form than I am.

Yes because I do buy a lot of the properties that they look and target at.

I’ll explain what terms deals mean for all your readers. You go out and make a cash offer, either flip it or fund it, and then flip it or rehab. I go out and make terms offers, in other words, I’m buying it with seller financing from the seller because it’s free and clear. I’m taking over to sellers debt. I don’t come to closing with not a lot of cash, half of the deals are nothing down, I don’t have to go get private money, and more importantly, I’m buying a beautiful house in a beautiful neighborhood. I don’t have to do any rehabs but then I’m exiting by putting lease option tenant-buyers in that house, raising the price, and getting a great big non-refundable deposit from them that flies toward their purchase price and lowers them out. They have to bring me closing but it’s non-refundable if they don’t buy so I get a lot of advantages, you don’t.

I get these great big checks that are way bigger than your wholesaling checks. Don’t give them back. If they buy it, they get credit, they don’t get the money back. I got appreciation and depreciation, I got monthly cashflow and I got future income. The ones that default, which is a large percentage of them plus I get debt pay now, which is something that a lot of people take for granted until they’ve had a piece of property for a few years and they look at it and say, “That’s all I owe?” Here are the term capital gains because I own it for more than a year.

All of this is working for me. Beautiful homes, beautiful neighborhoods, if it’s a higher price, the better. The higher price, the more money we make, period. I’ve done a lot of rehabs. I teach rehabs but it’s the hardest way to make money in this business there is. Wholesaling is the fastest money. Terms are right there behind it but I get all those other benefits with terms. It’s a good idea if you would be doing both.

No doubt because you have less competition in the terms game. You have more competition to people who are looking for fix and flips, and the buy and holds whereas you’re able to go in there, pay a little bit more, get favorable terms on something that doesn’t have a ton of equity but it’s got some equity in there. It’s a little bit of work but not a ton of work. It’s not a major. It’s more of a paint-carpet type deal.

Some of them need none and then we raised the price because we aren’t selling it on terms. It is truly more so long-term.

Earning should be based on what you know, not what you do. Click To Tweet

You’re finding an arbitrage too in that market. You can look for it and find a little bit of arbitrage price where you’re getting a little bit of a discount and a lot of times people need to get out of this property. They’re willing to take a little bit less not deal with it because they’re not paying a realtor fee.

We’re not dealing with the majority. The majority of people want a full price and all cash but neither are you. You got to make a lot of offers to get some because I have been saying here but we don’t make offers, Paul. I have a simple script. I asked the seller questions and they make me the offer. If I liked their offer then I’ll set an appointment and hopefully, get a contract. We’re working on the minority number like you or any business. That gets the majority of everybody. They come in contact with a minority but lending terms deals. Every time we do an event, we do term deals for our students right there while they watch. Listening to the seller on the other end of a telephone.

That’s the best where they can learn it firsthand. Learn how you deal, how you talk to sellers, and how you manage your situation there. You can’t get a better education than that.

We have scripts for everything. We have everything already automated. Systemized has never been any easier to do what we do. It’s all done. Step in and go from step-to-step. The hardest part is getting people out of their own way because they weren’t brought and conditioned that way. It goes against everything we have done for our entire lives, got to have our hands in everything, got to make all the decisions you know. It was difficult for me to gradually get away from it. Now, I am a master delegator. I don’t want to do anything. I want it off my back as fast as it comes in. Sometimes, I get these big checks, I’m ashamed of myself and I feel like I ought to give them back because I don’t earn them but that feeling goes away quickly.

It’s because you had the experience and your experience is what allowed you to create these systems, do this, and learn all this stuff. You’re earning on what you sell and what you’ve done there.

The earning should be based on what you know, not what you do. I got an information marketing company that trains people all over the world and it’s called Global Publishing. I don’t run it. I don’t work in everyday activities. I get on camera sometimes, deliver an event, and play a little part in any major decisions. I’ve found that it’s easy to get other people. There is nothing in your business that somebody else can’t do for you once you make up your mind a little. A long time coming when I have. When I buy houses, I make a decision on do I want to close on? I don’t make the offers.

I decide if I want to buy it and then I decide if the buyers have given me enough money to satisfy me and that’s it. Everything else is done for me. With outside sources are inexpensive and then we got our own VA service that does a lot of work for our students doing the calling and getting the information on the house. That truly is little to do which is hard for some people to simply adapt to. I understand that. You can’t go from a life of minutia to a life where you have nothing to do overnight. It’s a gradual thing.

You and I are in the same mastermind group. What I noticed is you are always learning. Nobody took more copious notes than you did during that event. I watch you take notes and I’m similar to mentors. From anybody who’s up there, you can learn something from them. You’re going to be able to pick up something intentionally using your own business. This is something you’ve never stopped doing.

We’ve come up with some multimillion-dollar ideas there but what you didn’t see was I had four staff members sitting there. At the time I left that meeting, there wasn’t anything for me to do. It was delegated as fast as I could get it to the person best suited to delegate it to.

That’s what a good manager does. There’s a delegate to it and get it off their hands. You can be the idea person, the visionary for the company and here’s the direction I want you to go. If you don’t do that, you’re going to fade away. You got to constantly be adjusting on a fly to the different markets. I’m going to jump into a question. Where do you feel the real estate market is going to at this point because we’re in an interesting time?

I know the answer to that. It’s either going up or it’s going down. There isn’t a human alive that knows the answer to that question, Paul, and you know it. They’ll make it up. Our opinion is as good as anybody else’s. I think it stabilized for a while. Real estate is good. Everything is good. Here’s what I do know. If we have another recession, there won’t be one in my house and I feel like I can control it. What that means is, get out there and get your cashflow up so you don’t have to worry about things like that because cashflow is king no matter what business you’re in.

Get that raised at a point that we got many times more than we need to live on, we don’t sit around and wonder who president and all those things that worry most of the population because they don’t know what we know. Don’t you feel sorry sometimes for the folks that are never going to get exposed to what we do? Do you have any idea how they can get out of that mundane job trap, living off of every dime they make, and right back where they started from? I feel for those folks but I can’t do anything with them unless they come and they want to learn. That’s the big key. They got to want to learn. I can’t make them want to learn and neither can you.

You’re right about that. That’s one thing, I always see people running a rat race life even friends and people I know and most people do. I feel good about what situation I’m in. I feel comfortable and I wish other people could be in the same position where they could. If we have a down month on wholesaling, it’s okay because I get enough cashflow from my rentals and my owner finance deals to still pay for everything and manage everything. We’re still going to live and be fine, the mortgage is going to be paid, be able to eat, and all that stuff but there are not people in that same boat. They don’t have months of reserves or anything. Those are the people I feel bad for because they’re getting hit hard by what’s going on.

You’ve learned the same as I. Multiple streams of income are good down. After 2008, I had 32 development projects going on in nine different states. 2008 came, everything crashed and burned because all the exit strategies simply dried up when the capital did but I’ve got through it, we kept going, and now, things are looking good. I didn’t give up and that’s the thing right there. Those people need is a little excuse and they’re going to go stick their head in the sand.

I know a lot of investors in 2008 that I was friends with crashed, burned, they never went back to real estate. They were struggling and there were a few of us. A handful of us kept with it. We struggled. We went through stuff. A lot of people went bankrupt too.

A lot of them committed suicide. My problems were in commercial, not residential. I didn’t have any problems with residential real estate because here’s what people don’t understand. When the market goes down, that’s when investors make most of our money. We run toward the chaos not away from it. It’s easier to buy, easier to sell on terms, and a lot cheaper stuff. I’ve been through five cycles. That means five times the market has totally changed and interest rates. When I started the prime rate was 18%. Can you imagine a prime rate at 18% and what that did to the economy? You couldn’t give away real estate. Real estate revenues were dropping like flies. I still bought six houses. Twenty-three house is my first month in business. I had no idea what I was doing.

You learn how to fly and you adjust.

When I started, I had to buy groceries twice a week because we couldn’t afford to buy enough for one whole week. When people come to me and said, “I don’t have any money.” “I didn’t either.” You’ve got to do something different than what you’re doing and you’d never have any money. I tell everybody that I train, “I can’t help you until we first change your thinking because if we don’t change your thinking, nothing I want to tell you is going to work for you.” That means if you’re thinking about real estate and exploding all these myths that are not true that you think are and changing your thinking about what you’re worth and what’s your how to make.

FO 23 | Terms Deals

Terms Deals: There is nothing in your business that somebody else can’t do for you once you make up your mind a little.


Most people come in and their expectations of themselves are very low. You got to beat up or whatever. There’s a whole list of reasons. Not all of them, but some of them have this low self-esteem. In my opinion, the only way we’re going to fix that is one little success at a time, one little check at a time like mine did. I had low self-esteem when I started to tell you the truth but after a handful of checks, it started gradually go away. That made me a kind and gentle person I am now.

If you don’t struggle, you’re not going to learn. You got to struggle at some point. Look at Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, they were living in their car. They figured out a way to do it as we all did.

True grit is created by adversity.

As humans, if we don’t struggle, we don’t learn anything. If things are happening and coming easy, if you’re a trust fund baby, you don’t learn anything. Everything is simple. Everything is easy money, it comes easy and it goes easy.

I see a lot of people out there, mostly in the democratic party wanted to rob from the rich and give to the poor. Why don’t they understand that it won’t long before the rich will have it back? It’s not about the money, it’s about the mindset. You aren’t going to take the rich and take money from them without them finding a way to get it back. I never did understand that philosophy. That’s mostly thought by the folks that aren’t rich, would be my guess.

They are always jealous. They feel they can have it and the only reason they can’t have is that they don’t have the right mindset to have that. You see it with students and I’ve seen it with my students. When we do that first interview process, I can normally tell them the first five minutes if they’re going to be successful or not. It’s how they answer certain questions and what their desires are. You can tell the ones that are going to struggle with sometimes, you were like, “This is going to be a fit. You should be doing this.”

For a long time, I thought I could too. I started seeing people that I gave no chance of success, excelling, and getting up there fast. I’m guessing like me. They had no choice except to stay down in the wall and self-pity. If you stick your head in the sand, that puts your butt right up in the air and be kicked. Sometimes you need to be hit at the bottom. You need to get hit hard before you make up your mind, “I’ve had enough of this. I’m going to go in the other direction.” I can’t judge anymore whether people are going to be successful or not. I can have my opinions but I get fooled a lot.

A lot of us can and you can correlate it back to sports. Let’s go to Tom Brady for instance. The Hall of Fame Quarterback said the greatest of all time for the Patriots. He was a backup quarterback in college who was getting beat out by other guys. Nobody could evaluate him. Nobody knew what he was. He was his six-round draft pick. He turns out to be the greatest quarterback of all time. You don’t always know. A lot of people can miss. Everybody can miss it sometimes. That’s amazing.

A lot of young people coming into business now.

That’s a great thing too. Some of these mastermind groups I belong to where they have a lower level group and a higher-level group. A lot of times, you go down to that lower-level group and watch them because they come up with some unbelievable ideas at the higher-level group isn’t thinking of at this point. One, because they’re hungry, new, and they’re learning different things. They are coming up with different ideas compared to the people that have been there because we can get complacent easily. In any business, you can get complacent. If you aren’t constantly looking at what the new people are doing, you’re going to struggle.

A lot of young people coming into the business to have lived long enough to know they can’t do it.

It took too greedy, new, haven’t failed yet, and don’t know that they can or can’t fail.

It’s the same thing with the immigrants coming into this country. We don’t know how good they got it. They know how good we got it.

My great grandfather, when he came over here from Italy, he knew and was driven. He had nothing but he made a huge excavating business. Concrete excavation, grew it locally in our market here. He did tremendously. It wasn’t one of the biggest ones or the best but he came here nothing and he grew it into that. That’s the mindset. That’s what our country is. We were a bunch of immigrants who came over who wanted to work for ourselves and had a desire to be great. This country gave us that chance. We have people in this country who don’t want to give people that chance which is a shame. I wish people down are successful.

A lot of them come in and don’t have any money. The good news is they’ve only got one way to go. Quit worrying about all that crap you worried about, go make a mess and help out. I certainly didn’t do everything right. I didn’t have much of a clue what I was doing but I kept doing. I got my first offer accepted on my first week out of that first seminar I went to. Later, I sold it. I’m telling you, that $3,000 meant a lot of money to me but more importantly, they told me I could do it. I immediately quit my job and kept where I’m going. Most people quit and went back home.

It gives you the confidence to take that next step to go and then you have another one except for a fall but you learn, this work, you can go do this again. We’re going to see what works and what doesn’t.

I call that first check or I call it the shut up check. Make sure you get a copy of that thing so you can show it all to dream stealers who are trying to tell you how dumb you are for being in real estate or you’re never going to make it. One word of caution I’ll give everybody. Both people are not qualified to show you how to get rich. You shouldn’t listen to a damn thing they say because they got plenty to say and it’s worth exactly what it costs, nothing. Go learn from the people who’ve been there and done it not from the people who wished they were and haven’t done anything in their life.

That’s some of the best advice you can give. My grandfather always told me, “Know who you hang around. If you hang around good and successful people, you’re more likely to be successful. You hang around trash, you’re more likely to be trash.” He was right.

True grit is created by adversity. Click To Tweet

Unfortunately, some of the people you should not be listening to have your last name.

Often in our family and they’re like, “Why are you going to go to this education and company? Why do you want to learn about real estate? It’s not going to work.”

Don’t spend that money.

You get the shut up check and you show it to them. That is tremendous. Other advice you have here, Ron?

Do you want me to give your people the opportunity to learn what I know?

I would love that. Tell us about that.

I’ve got a webinar about how I do what I do, step-by-step in the pretty house business. It’s the other side of what Paul does. I’ll show you how we make the money and how we do it without risks. I’ve got to tell you, Paul, I beat people up because the biggest mistake they could make is guaranteeing debt personally. That is the number one biggest mistake people make. We don’t guarantee debt in my world. We’re never going to have our name on a loan or our credit report, ever. I’m going to show you how I buy all the property you want without applying for a loan.

Nobody ever needs your Social Security number on a plan to run. What we do with them, how we buy them, how we sell them, and what profit is in that. I’ve got about a 90-minute webinar going through that step-by-step and we’ve got time to take questions at the end and it costs nothing. We give away a bunch of stuff along the way. What’s the link to that? RonLeGrand.com/paul. Come spend 1.5 hours with me and I’ll bet you you’ll get excited about what you see because what you see is reality going on with hundreds of thousands of my students all over the country. It has been for a long time. Go to that website, get signed up before it’s too late. It’s going to come and it’s going to go.

In case it might be TheMentorPodcast.com/paul. Let’s put that out there too. In case the one URL isn’t working, that’s the other URL for it.

That proves you don’t have to be all that smart to do this either, do you?

I appreciate that, Ron. Thank you for offering that. A lot of people will be jumping on that and it’d be interesting listening to that. I am going to jump onto that and listen to that too because there’s always room for me to learn more especially from the master himself.

I teach everybody about real estate.

Ron, thank you for your time. I appreciate it. The greatest asset that we have is your time for you to give it to our audience. We appreciate that.

You told me earlier that you get to that. I thought you started back in 50-something or whatever.

I bought my first program with my grandmother. My grandmother loved going to these different seminars and learning stuff. We went to one of yours. We got your programs in 1992. I still have it in my base. I got to go search for that and pull it up.

FO 23 | Terms Deals

Terms Deals: Learn from the people who’ve been there and done it, not from the people who wished they were and haven’t done anything in their life.


It was on cassettes and also VHS videos.

I don’t know if I have a cassette player anymore but if not, I’ll have to pick one up.

You had some VHS videos along the way too, didn’t you?

I still got a few of those. I’m sure I did. I got one of your books too. Ron, back in the day too. I don’t remember which one that one was.

They are on Amazon. Here’s the one I suggest everybody go get. It’s called The Less I Do, The More I Make. It’s all about systemization. My other book is How To Be A Quick Turn Real Estate Millionaire. Pull up my name and all my books would come up.

I appreciate it, Ron. Thank you for your time.

My pleasure.

You gave us a lot of wisdom and nuggets. It’s tremendous. I’m looking forward to your webinar.

Thank you for letting me entertain your folks.

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About Ron LeGrand

FO 23 | Terms Deals

When I first got involved with real estate I was a dead broke auto mechanic trying to make enough money to make ends meet. There was no such thing as disposable income around my house. It was all disposed of before I got it. Thirty five years old, bankrupt and I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to be when I grew up; but I knew it wasn’t fixing cars in the hot Florida sun.

The year was 1982. I saw an ad that said something like “Come learn how to buy real estate with no money or credit.” That appealed to me because I had no money or credit and I liked the rich idea. So, I attended the free seminar.

The instructor got us all excited about real estate and showed us how people were buying real estate with no money down. Then he said, “if you pay $450 and attend our two day training this weekend, we’ll show you all the secrets”. I wanted in but I had a big problem, actually 450 of them.

But something compelled me to find a way to get the money and that’s what I did. I borrowed it from two friends and showed up for the seminar. That decision changed my life forever, my family’s life and their family’s lives for generations to come, not to mention hundreds of thousands of my students and their descendants into the millions. That one small split second decision that could have gone either way made me millions of dollars since and spawned countless numbers of millionaires all over North America and other countries I can’t even pronounce.

In fact, most of the stuff taught in that seminar was over my head. I was clueless and could barely spell real estate. But I picked up one idea I felt I could do and within three weeks I made my first $3,000 from real estate using none of my money or credit, which I didn’t have. I immediately called my boss and said, “I’m upping my income… up yours!”

The biggest thing that seminar did for me was get me involved in real estate and committed to changing my lifestyle. For years I’d been looking for something but didn’t know what it was. When I got my hands on that three grand it became crystal clear real estate was my future.

Fast-forward two years, I had amassed 276 units, some single family, some apartments, not including some I sold along the way to live. I was a millionaire… on paper. I had over $1,000,000 in equity two years after starting with no money or credit.

Reality Arrives!

I sat down one Friday evening to pay my bills and realized my outgo was bigger than my income and my upkeep was becoming my downfall. All I had accomplished was create a big, ugly mess. I’d spent two years buying the wrong properties the wrong way in the wrong areas for the wrong reasons. I built my empire on a house of cards, not a solid foundation.

You see, I really didn’t understand the real estate business. I just bought properties because I could, without money or credit. I bought all the crap savvy investors wouldn’t touch. They’d already been to the school I was about to graduate from… The School of Hard Knocks. All my low income properties in war zone areas with brainless tenants were sucking me dry, financially and mentally. My days were spent solving their petty problems and listening to all the worthless excuses why they couldn’t pay rent.

I spent the next five years selling off my junk for dimes on the dollar. It took me seven years into the business to really understand it and get my life back. Oh, I made a good living during that time. Several times my job income. But I sure wish I’d known me back then and had the system then that my students have now. On second thought it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. I wouldn’t have listened. I’m a man, men don’t follow instructions. It’s testosterone. It’s not our fault. We can’t help it.

After about seven years into the business and over 400 houses later I built an easy system to turn real estate into cash now, cash monthly and cash later. I made it a real business anyone could do from home and make obscene amounts of money. That’s about the time I started teaching what I had learned. Somewhere along the line someone called me “The World’s Leading Expert at Quick Turning Houses” and the name stuck.

Now fast forward a few more years of teaching what I know while simultaneously doing what I teach and I will admit I’m a weird dude. I’ve bought and sold nearly 2,000 houses and still do.

Over the years I’ve created a mountain of home study products, written millions of words in print, shared the platform with past presidents, movie stars, actors, politicians, sports heroes, business leaders, super wealthy from all professions and some of the best speakers in the world. I’ve spoken to audiences as small as 20 and as large as 20,000 in hotel meeting rooms and coliseums all across North America.

I’ve gazed in amazement and sheer joy as so many thousands of my students and new friends have pulled themselves out of financial mediocrity, or downright poverty, and made themselves financially independent millionaires and some multi-millionaires from the words that left my lips and the time we spent together.

So many new millionaires have now become leaders and are reaching a helping hand down to those in need and helping them climb the ladder to success.

My legacy has spread like a swarm of locusts and thousands will be affected, (maybe millions now), by the positive impact I made with a few carefully chosen words that left my lips or got put in print at a time when students were ready to receive them and convert to action. New generations will profit directly or indirectly because they attended one of my seminars then used the information and passed it on. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Now much of my time is spent in front of good people who are serious about getting rich and will do what it takes to become one of the 3% who can really say and prove they have achieved true wealth.

People constantly ask me why I continue to teach. It’s hard for them to understand why a guy with my experience would take the time to work with those who don’t have it.

My answer is simple really. First, make no mistakes about it, I get paid well for teaching. It’s not a mercy mission and we’re not a non-profit organization. Second, I have to do something with my time. Golf, fishing and diving get old quick. Making millionaires never gets old and I can’t think of anything I’d rather do in my life. It’s fun to be me and I love doing it.

Besides, I’ve been married for over 50 years to one woman. Her name is Beverly and between the honey-do’s and the nine grandchildren (three live on our estate) it’s nice to get away once in a while. Beverly says even though we’ve been married 50 years, if you take out my travel time… it’s closer to three.

Truthfully, I’m just a simple auto mechanic with a redneck background who barely got out of high school. I’d rather have a good hamburger than a steak. I hate wine and all other alcohol beverages. I smoke cigars, listen to country music and jazz and go to the movies a lot. We have horses, cats, a dog and chickens and we grow stuff in our own garden and yes, I even have my very own tractor, which I use to plow that garden.

So, there you have it, the real me. Now browse my site and let’s see how I can add your name to our millionaire club…Quickly.

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